Reasons I Didn’t Need to Worry About Travelling

12 May

Over the past 103 days, 15 weeks and 3.5 months, I have travelled between 4 continents, through 6 countries, approximately 12 cities, more towns than I care to count, and three islands. I have hired 4 vehicles but driven none of them, I have been on 6 boats and I have endured 9 flights (9 of which I have hated). I have hiked, kayaked, swam in lakes, lagoons, creeks and seas, rollerbladed, attempted to dive, snorkelled, pedalo-ed, did yoga, been horse riding, bathed in thermal springs, camped, cable car-ed, river rafted, bush walked, wine tasted, climbed a volcano and almost a glacier. I drank gallons of goon and I got myself a job (for all of 5 weeks). I rode on an elephant, stroked a sedated tiger and almost inhabited the same tree as a wild koala. I saw several dolphins from a distance, watched baby seals play in a waterfall, searched Australia for turtles and eventually found them in a lake in San Francisco (of all places). Much to my disappointment I saw a total of zero sharks. I have repeatedly appreciated my pre-travelling purchases of iPad and inflatable travel pillow, both of which have served me well. I have slept in one boat, two tents and 19 hostels, one of which became our home. I have seen a hell of a lot and learnt lots more. I have missed my family, my boyfriend and my friends. I have almost bankrupted myself. I have done all of this with Lucia. Together we have made countless friends and endless memories. World; you have been amazing.


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